Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Week That Was 17-03-2012

The end of another busy week has come and it's time to reflect on what I have achieved.

I had my first assessments at college this week, the first was OH&S. Real exciting stuff! The second was Word. What this means is that we won't need to study anymore OH&S and will be able to concentrate more on HTML, CSS and Web design. In the other class, we move from Word to Excel. I'm not sure what there is in Excel that I need to know about that I don't already know.

I haven't been doing much exercise lately. What is supposed to happen is that Sue drops me off at college in the morning then I walk home, but Sue had an exam on Monday so was there when I was leaving, Tuesday she decided to pick me up because she was in town for a chiro adjustment, Wednesday she decided to come and pick me up so that I didn't have to walk home in the rain (what a thoughtful wife she is) and Thursday she decided she wasn't going swimming so let me take the car. Maybe I'll get a bit more exercise next week.

On the crafting front, I have made quite a bit of progress on several projects, although there is at least one that has stagnated. It didn't help that I didn't go to markets today where I would normally have a bit of time to work on various projects. Instead I stayed home and helped with some housework. There is still plenty of housework that needs to be done but neither of us had the energy to keep going.

Yesterday, while at crochet class, one of the ladies in the scrapbooking class gave me a few places that I can contact about other markets that I may be able to attend, so next week I will be making a few phone call to find out some more information and possibly book a site.

It looks like I may not be at church tomorrow as the CO has been busily contacting people to put together a team to help feed evacuees. There is a bit of flooding happening around the place lately and us salvos have got to do what we do best, feed the hungry.

That's it from me for this week. I hope you all have had a good one.


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