Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Week That Was 03-03-2012

There was quite a bit of drama at college this week. Heavy rain caused the gutters to overflow and flood the eaves, this in turn leaked into the class room, getting into some power points and knocking out 2 clusters of computers. When I arrive at college on Tuesday morning I got told that I couldn't get on to try and finish my homework (can't do it at home due to a lack of software). The teacher had to find us some alternative machines so that could continue with lessons. By the time the next downpour occurred they had put measures into place to direct the water away from power points and computers so that we would be able to continue working.

This week we learnt about paragraph formatting and tabulation in Word, deco tool in Flash, the clone tool in Photoshop, installed operating systems and started optimising them, and completed our first pages by writing raw HTML. I think we have another week or 2 on Word before we move onto Excel and we'll start on DreamWeaver next week.

I have been quite productive on the crafting front, although I really need to find some time to do some of the homework that I able to do at home. It's either that or spend extra time at college to try and catch up. I haven't figured out what my finished object is going to be this week but I guess I'm going to have to start on something soon if I'm going to have any chance of finishing it before Friday. I need to make up a couple more tea cosies and I can usually do those in a couple of days so that might be the go.

I actually had a pupil for the crochet class yesterday morning so that kinda made it worthwhile making an appearance, although it gave me less time to work on my own projects. While having the time to work on my own projects is nice, it's not why I go there so I shouldn't complain.

The weather forecast for next week isn't much better than this week but hopefully the quantity of rain will be less. There are a lot of areas around both NSW and Vic that are under water at the moment so a bit a relief would be nice, but just in case it keeps going, does anyone know how to build an ark?

That's it for my busy week this week, hope you all had a good one.


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