Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Week That Was 05.05.2012

Looking back at the week each Saturday I often wonder if it's worth posting. It's not like I lead a very exciting life or anything. In fact, most people would probably think I lead a pretty boring life. This week wasn't particularly exciting either, but I'm going to tell you about it anyway.

This week at college we continued with making buttons in Flash and received the details for our major project for the term. In Graphics class we learnt how to make buttons in Photoshop and started looking at prototyping. In Software class we learnt about Entity Relationship Diagrams, Database Relationship Models and Data Dictionaries (all of which are meaningless to anybody that has never worked with databases). We learnt how to install a WordPress server in Hardware, and in Web we started documenting our websites.

On Friday morning the crochet class started up again but I didn't have any students to teach so I just sat there working on my own projects and chatting with the ladies that were working on their scrapbooking.

This morning we (my wife and I) headed out to Howlong for breakfast. There is a group there that meet on the first Saturday of the month and this month they had a special guest, a country singer who is also a Salvationist, so we thought we would join them this morning. We have meet this gentleman before and it gave us a good opportunity to catch up with him and meet a few new people in the area (Howlong is only 30 minutes up the highway).

I could tell you about my Ten Pin Bowling efforts on Wednesday night but I haven't been doing particularly well of late, although I did break the 200 barrier in one game this week, it's just that the other 2 games weren't good at all.

I could also tell you haw I sat and crocheted while watching TV on Thursday afternoon when I probably should have been studying, and how I pretty much did the same thing yesterday afternoon and today also, but I'm not sure that that's particularly interesting as I do that most of the time I have any time to spare.

Well, that's it for my week. I hope you have had a good one.


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