Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Week That Was 26.05.2012

Another busy week has finished (well it seemed busy to me) and it's time to look back to see if I've achieved anything.

At college this week I've been working on projects. All my subjects have a major project that needs to be completed and reports to write, so most of my class time has been spent working on these.

I managed to finish my first ever TCAL. I posted a photo of the final product here yesterday but I'm yet to put it on the TCAL mailing list, so I will need to do that shortly.

Last weekend we decided that it was time to start going through the boxes stored in the garage to see if there was anything in them that we wanted to keep. There are some things in there that have been boxed up for years so there's probably no need to keep any of it, but we will anyway. We managed to go through 7 boxes and have 3 boxes of stuff that we're going to keep, 1 1/2 that we're going to try and sell and 2 completely empty, so we made some progress.

Sue got all excited by a phone call during the week. It seems that we have filtered to the top of the list for disability housing and we were offered a place close to town. We told friends of our at band practice on Thursday night but as soon as they found out where it was they basically told us not to take it and said they wouldn't help us move in if we did. It seems there are a few horror stories from that part of town.

While there was a market on today I decided that I wasn't going to go. It's furthest away of all the markets that I do and it has cost me more to go and setup than what I've been selling there so I decided I didn't want to spend money to sit around freezing my tail off with no return, so I attend a men's prayer breakfast instead.

This being the last Saturday of the month I usually like to review my to-do list. I think I forgot to do this last month, but here it is.

Things to make to replace stock for my market stall:

Bottle Cosies in more team colours
2 String bags
Teapot Cosies
Fan Bookmark
Tea Towels

Current Work In Progress:

Rose Clan Dress Tartan Rug
Crochenit Cot Blanket (trying a method for doing rows that are longer than the hook)
Knitted Scarf
Toddlers Jacket (finished one and started a new one)
Jumper (sweater to you Americans) for me
Tea cloth in #40 cotton
bag holders
Blanket from pattern in my head – possibly tunisian crochet short rows.

Things I'm itching to get started on:

Crochenit Knee Rug (same as Cot Blanket and will also use up some of my stash of 8ply)
Crocheted Slocks
Something from my "99 Granny Squares" book
Something in Tunisian Crochet Lace (I'm thinking of modifying Ellen's Jacket pattern by substituting a lace stitch in the main body of the pattern)
Something from Ellen's new book.
A doily from an old pattern book I bought.
Australiana2.0 Table Runner
Banner for Stall
Table Runners for each Australian state and territory.
Tunisian Crochet Intarsia Table Runner
Spiral Blanket (saw one on the internet and figured I could have a go at it without the pattern)

Plenty of work to carry on with there.

That's it for me for this week. I hope you all had a good one.


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