Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Week That Was 19.05.2012

Saturday is here again so it's time to look back at what has been going on around here.

At college this week it was kinda confirmed that the Cert IV course will go ahead no matter how many or how few students enrol. At his stage it looks like there might be 5 of us signing up but that's not really enough to warrant having the teachers there full time so we might not have the teachers in the class for the full amount of time scheduled. Of course there could be a bunch of people out there that have already done a Cert III course that have been waiting for the college to run the Cert IV and we will have full classes, but I doubt it.

I actually skipped class on Thursday this week. We had a house inspection on Friday so I needed to take time off college to do some housework and get the place cleaned up. I think we passed muster, at least we haven't heard any bad news, so I think we're OK.

Today Sue decided that we really need to go through the boxes that we have stacked in the Garage and try and sort out what we're going to keep and what we're going to get rid of, so I lugged a few boxes into the living room so we could watch a bit of TV while we worked. I think we sorted through about 6 boxes and ended up with 2 boxes of stuff we're going to keep and one and a half boxes that we're going to try and sell, so we've manage to reduce our amount of stuff quite considerably. If we keep going like this we may be able to park the car in the garage by the end of the year.

Tomorrow is Red Shield Sunday, when all of us good Salvo go out rattling our collection boxes in an effort to raise a bit of money so that we can continue helping those in need. Because of this there will be no sermon tomorrow so I won't be back until Wednesday when it will be time to show off my progress.

That's it from me for this week. I hope you all had a good one.


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