Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A day on Puffing Billy

I didn't feel much like doing anything when we got home from Melbourne yesterday so I've managed to go through the photos today and have selected some for you to look at.

The trip south started a little damp but the weather cleared by the time we got to Melbourne.

We met a couple of soapie (Home and Away) stars while down there. I didn't know who they were because I don't watch the show, but Sue is an avid watcher.

We went a watched a basketball game (WNBL Dandenong v Canberra) on the saturday night. It was a good game to watch but we weren't pleased with the result as Dandenong won.

And on to Puffing Billy.

Ready for boarding.

Some information on the train

The train winds through the hills and crosses the road several times

One of the stations along the way

This is one of two bridges that you can actually get a photo of from the train

Very picturesque country

I think there's a creek down there

The engine that pulled us from Belgrave to Gembrook

Hamburgers for lunch cooked by me

Ready for the return trip

The last bridge before Belgrave
We also saw some yarn on the hoof but the picture didn't come our real well.

The return trip was quite uneventful but tiring and now we're trying to see if we can get down to my father's place for a family get together as one of my sisters is traveling all the way from Midura. My other sister lives quite close to dad so I expect she'll make the effort.

See you tomorrow for WIP Wednesday.


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  1. Looks like lots of fun on Puffing Billy, lots of great scenery too.