Saturday, January 22, 2011

The week that was 22-01-11

Another very hot week here in Lavington and not much happening.

After missing the Gym on Monday (we were traveling back from Melbourne), getting called down to the pool to help Sue before I finished on Wednesday (her ankle has been giving her trouble, we think it's because she is trying to favour both knees), I didn't manage a full round of exercises yesterday because some of the equipment had been pulled apart to be re-upholstered. Maybe I'll have a better run next week, although we're planning on a trip to Nowra to help celebrate my fathers 80th.

The crochet has been a bit slow this week because of the heat. I managed to get a couple of rows done on the drink bottle holder while in the doctor's waiting room the other day. We were there to get a diagnosis on Sue's ankle. I also managed to finish the sunhat this evening (pictures on Wednesday as usual). I'll probably work on a few towels now as there quite light and quick to get done.

With the completion of the second sunhat my to-do list is looking a little shorter. It is still quite long though, so I will be busy for some time yet. I also need to make a few phone calls to see if I can find a few more markets at which to sell my wares, and I do plan on opening an Artfire store shortly (for some definition of "shortly").

That's it for this week, see you on Wednesday unless something real exciting happens in the meantime.


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  1. Wow that is a mile stone turning 80 years....... I think there would be a lot of stories to be told there.. :))
    Happy Birthday to DAD :))