Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday 05/01/11

The start of a new year and plenty of WIPs and completed items to talk about.

First cab off the rank is a pair of arm rest covers.

I finished these before Christmas and wrapped them up with Sue's Christmas present. That might seem a little silly considering she watched me make them. The in-laws were quite impressed which made it all worth while.

Next I have the bonnet that I featured in my first WIP Wednesday.

It is now finished along with a couple of booties.

These were to complete an ensemble that started with a coat.

Now I have the full set ready for sale.

While Sue and I were visiting I managed to find time to do a bit more on my Salvation Army Blanket (about a dozen rows) and it now looks like this:-

I have about 20 more rows of the crown before I can drop the yellow and just work with one colour. This will have a blue border when it's finished and I'm hoping that will help pull it into shape. It will obviously need to be blocked, and I need to find someway to make the yellow that's showing through where it's not supposed to disappear. As I said previously, this is the first time I have worked with two colours like this and there seem to be a few bugs to iron out. Hopefully the judges at the show will appreciate the effort that's gone into this a judge it accordingly. I'm sure the COs at church will appreciate it when I hand it over.

The last item I have this week is a matinée jacket that Sue knitted and handed over to me to be finished.

All that needs to be done is a picot edging, sew in the ends and thread in the ribbon.

I probably need to improve my photography skills as some of the colours aren't showing up correctly. The white coat, bonnet and booties have a blueish tinge in these photos and the apricot jacket shows up as almost white.

I also need a baby sized doll to act as a model as lying baby clothes flat on a table just doesn't do them justice. Anybody have any ideas on where I might get one?

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  1. You sure are busy with that hook.. Well done. love the chair arm covers :))