Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Week That Was 16-01-11

This is a day late because we got back to our cabin a little late last night after watching a WNBL game. Also, there won't be any sermon notes this week as we didn't go to church this morning (aren't we naughty).

This week has been quite busy with trips away, as well as the regular going to the gym and other things.

The first trip was to Wagga Wagga to meet up with Sue's son so that we could have lunch with him on his 23rd birthday. It would have been an uneventful trip except that I discovered that I had forgotten my wallet and had therefore been driving without have my license on me (something that is frowned upon here in Aus). When we got back to Albury we headed down to the shops where we met our CO from church who has given me the job of looking after the Corps' website.

The second trip was to Melbourne as part of our 11th anniversary celebrations. Yesterday we went to Chadstone Mall where we met a couple of the stars of Home and Away (one of Sue's favourite shows, I generally try to avoid seeing anything to do with it). After the mall we went around to visit one of my friends here in Melbourne to catch up.

After a pleasant afternoon we headed off to watch the Canberra Capitals play against the Dandenong Rangers. We were hoping for a repeat of last weeks game in which Canberra won by 8 points. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case this week, Dandenong won by 4 points.

Today we went to Belgrave to catch a steam train known as "Puffing Billy". It was another very pleasant afternoon and we took the camera with us. If I get a chance when we get home tomorrow I'll check through all the photos and let you all have a look at a sellection of them. Sue seemed to be taking photos every few minutes so I'm sure there are quite a few to go through.

I have even managed to do a little crochet but I'll show you that on Wednesday.

Until next time.


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