Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trust me, I'm a rat

I was a little concerned about the title of this morning's sermon but it is all about trust.

We all put our trust in someone or something. Passengers on planes trust the pilot to get them to where they are going safely, and they also trust the plane and the maintenance crew and quite a few other people to have all done their jobs. We trust GPS devices to tell us where to go (actually, Sue and I have fun arguing with ours when it tells us a direction we think is wrong).

When someone we love falls ill or has an accident we often want to do something about it even if there isn't anything we can do. We have to trust the professionals to do those things that we can't.

When all else fails, we can trust in God!

Those that trust in God are likened to a tree standing next to a river while those that don't are likened to a bush in the desert, dry and withered.

We need to take time to be still and listen for God, even in the darkest storms.

Friends are good for encouragement be we shouldn't trust them to get us out of our troubles.

Don't run to the phone, run to the throne.


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