Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jonah: A Second Chance

The reading for this morning came from Jonah 3.

The message of Jonah 3 is forgiveness and giving a second chance. Jonah was given a second chance to take God's message to Nineveh, and the Ninevites were giving a second chance when they asked for forgiveness.

The main part of this morning's message was in the form of a video of a man who forgave his son's murderer. It looked at the story from both sides, how the father held on to his anger for so long, how hard it was for him to write the murdered the letter forgiving him for what he had done and how angry the murderer got when he received the letter as no one had ever dared to contact him in this way before. The story ended with both men finding peace and becoming friends.

Holding a grudge, unforgiveness and hate is like giving someone space in your head without charging them rent. The only way to get them out is to forgive. Of course, this is a lot harder to say than to do.


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