Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday 09/02/11

Another week has passed and my hook and darning needle have been quite busy.

The first finished item this week was the bottle/can holder.

All it needed was the loose end sewing in.

I also finished the beanie.

I made 2 more bottle holders, one for large drink bottles and one for small bottles or cans.

I'm still tweaking the pattern for these but I think I'm pretty close. I specifically chose these colours as we will be setting up the stall in Myrtleford this Saturday and these are the colours of the Myrtleford Saints football team. Hopefully that will spark a little interest.

I also started another tea cosy.

It doesn't look much yet.

Nor does the scarf that I started.

It's a crocheted rib in the same wool as the beanie completed earlier. I like to have matching pairs of these sort of things.

Sue has made some progress on the matinee jacket (just needs buttons now) and booties (just need ribbons) so I'll take photos of those before I put them on the stall. She also did a little work on her tartan rug.

My to-do list is looking a little shorter now. I would like to do another tea cosy once I've finished the one I started today and more baby's clothes but there isn't anything else that's pressing at the moment. There are lots of things I would like to make but I'm not sure how they would sell. Of course I will need to think about replacing anything I sell at the next market which will be this Saturday.

On the market front, we are booked in to attend 3 markets this month. Two of these are monthly markets and the other is currently quarterly but considering going monthly so I think we have enough places to sell our goods now. If we don't, there's always the Artfire shop (


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  1. You certainly have a lot to crochet there :))
    I do like the beanie though, very well crocheted..