Saturday, February 12, 2011

The week that was 12-02-11

Another busy week of crochet, doctors appointments and driving Sue around has come to an end.

This week I have managed to finish a couple of drink bottle holders that I'm experimenting with (still need to tweak the pattern a little) and a tea cosy (picture to come on Wednesday). I have also started another tea cosy and a scarf, and made a little progress on the crest blanket that I showed in a WIP Wednesday post a few weeks ago. At my current rate of progress I will be finished in plenty of time for the show.

This morning we got up at the crack of dawn, packed all the stall items into the car and headed for Myrtleford. It was a little quiet but they tell me that that's expected at this time of the year. I guess I'll have to take their word for it. I did manage to sell a few items including a toy turtle, a boy's keep-sake pouch and angel and a booties and bonnet set. Of course this means that my to-do list just grew with the addition of the items that I sold, and here was me thinking that I was making good progress through the list. I was a little disappointed that no-one asked about the drink bottle cosies that I had made in Myrtleford Saints colours.

So, my to-do list for this week looks something like this:-

Complete tea cosy currently in progress (Blackberry Salad Stitch in maroon decorated with leaves).
2 drink bottle cosies in Lavington Panthers colours.
2 drink bottle cosies in Albury Tigers colours.
A boys keep-sake pouch with flies.
An angel (or 2)
A baby's sunhat and booties set.

And, if I have any time left after all that, 2 more drink bottle cosies in blue and yellow (another local footy team but I can't remember their name), a couple more in Salvation Army colours (I want one of these for myself) and do a bit more work on other projects already started. Somehow, I don't think I'm going to have time.


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