Saturday, February 5, 2011

The week that was 05-02-11

This week has been quite busy with visits to the chiro and doctor giving me a chance to a bit more crochet.

We've also had a mixed bag with the weather, hot and dry for the first part and warm and wet for the second. In some way I prefer the warm and wet but it can turn hot and humid fairly quickly.

I have finally managed to open my Artfire shop. I only have a few items listed as yet but I'll keep adding more as time permits. You can find it at I'm not sure if my prices are suitable or if I'm setting them too high  or too low but I figured that that's what I would like to get for my hard work. It's more than I'm likely to get at craft markets.

Thinking about craft markets, I have found a list of markets within about an hour from home and have started to contact the people in charge to organise a site so hopefully I'll be able to sell something a nd make a little extra cash. I'm not sure what I'll do if something I'm selling on Artfire sells at the markets and online. Guess I will just have to get busy and make a replacement as quickly as possible to send to the online purchaser. I should be able to make a new crocheted item withing a few days but knitted items generally take me longer.

I'm still looking for other items to make. I'm starting on beanies and bottle/can holders in footy team colours but I'm not sure about taking items in team colours of one area to a market in another area. Might get a little interesting.

That's it for this  week. If anyone is interested, my price for custom made items is $15/hour plus materials. :)


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