Saturday, February 26, 2011

The week that was 26-02-11

The end of another busy week of ups and downs.

I think I'll go through the ups first.

I finished several projects this week, some of which appeared here last wednesday and some that will appear next wednesday. They include several drink bottle cosies and a few angels. I'm not sure if it's the right time of year to be making christmas angels, but I did anyway.

I'm almost due to go back to the trainer for another assessment of how my exercise program is going. I have been going to the gym for about 8 weeks now. I don't see any difference when I look in the mirror but I certainly feel something, especially across the shoulders. I have actually cut back to twice a week in the last couple of weeks because I am going to the local community centre on friday mornings to help teach people how to crochet.

Teaching crochet at the community centre is going well. So far I have only been teaching one lady how to do chain and double crochet (english not US) but I hope to move her onto treble and double treble soon, and then I can teach her all the variations of these stitches and how to read patterns. If anybody we teach starts downloading patterns from the internet we may need to teach them the difference between english and american pattern, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Today was market day down in Benalla and we did reasonably well. We managed to sell several towels, Heather Hippo (stuffed toy) and a set of wine glass socks. The total take for today was $76 which I figured to give us about $10 profit after taking the cost of the stall, the petrol to get there, materials and insurance into account. Not exactly a livable wage but it give us a little pocket money for when we decide to go back to the LYS.

On the down side, Sue and I got the results of our blood test back. While mine were OK (not good or bad really), Sue's showed a possible problem and she had to go back for further tests which involved spending 2 hours at the pathology place. We will get the results of this test back on wednesday.

With all the bad things that seem to be happening in this part of the world lately (floods, cyclones, earthquakes, etc) diabetes may be a small thing to worry about but I would still like to ask those of you that pray to include Sue in your prayers this week, especially since she has so many other health problems (she will be seeing a specialist on monday about getting booked in to have both knees replaced)  at the moment.


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