Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday 23/02/11

The hooks have been flying again  this week with several finished objects and progress on a couple of others.

The first finished object for this week is the drink bottle cosy in Albury Tigers colours.

I don't know if I'll make any more of these until I actually start selling them. There wasn't much interest at the last couple of markets, but then last Saturday's market wash a wash out. I have had some interest from someone that wants one in Salvo colours, so maybe I'll make a few in red, blue and yellow. I could always use one myself.

The next item to be completed was the frog pouch and flies to replace the one I sold a couple of weeks ago.

This is quite a popular item so I'm sure I'll be making more of these.

I also sold a little turtle that weekend so I thought I should replace it also.

I quite like this little turtle and it only takes a few hours to make.

Another item I sold was a little christmas angel (even though it's not christmas) so I made a few of those.

I almost forgot to take a photo of these so they ended up being photoed on the dining table with a flash instead of outside in natural light so the colours aren't quite right in this photo.

One of the WIPs that I've managed to make a bit of progress on are the scarf to go with the beanie that I finished a few weeks ago.

It's actually looking more like a scarf now although I'm not sure how much wider I'm going to be able to make it. I may have to use some of the other ball of wool I have which means I won't be able to make a beanie and scarf combo out of it. I'll just have to see how wide it is when the first ball runs out.

The WIP is the Salvation Army Crest rug.

The crest part is almost complete, just another 7 rows to go, then I drop the second colour for another 3 rows before starting on the border. It's progressing a lot quicker now that there are few changes in colour in each row.

I plan on taking the blanket and scarf to class with me on friday morning (I'm helping teach crochet at a local community centre) and to markets on saturday so I should be able to make good progress on these this week.

I'm also planning my next projects. 8 table runners similar to the Australian piece I did a couple of years ago, one for each state and territory in Australia featuring aspects of that state or territory (animals, birds, flowers, landmarks, etc). I expect each one to take a little more than a month to make once the design layout has been finalised, so I should be able to complete all 8 in a year.

That's all that's on my hooks this week.


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