Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Week that was 05/03/2011

Today is the first anniversary of my retrenchment, not that I can say that I'm unemployed, looking after Sue is pretty much a full time job, but it doesn't pay very well. I had that job for almost 17 years, so it was a bit of a shock to the system when they gave me the new. It also came 3 years too early for what I had planned. In 2 years time I will be eligible for early retirement and will be able to start drawing on my Super.

It has been a year of ups and downs. Bad investments have caused us some financial hardship. We moved to Albury because we couldn't afford the rents in Canberra and it has taken some time to find our way around, but now things are settling down. I have found markets for our craft, I'm teaching people crochet, and there is a possibility that I may get paid to teach some refugees.

Sue and I have joined a gym, which is something I thought I would never do. I have never been into fitness so this sort of thing is kinda strange to me, but I actually look forward to going.

This isn't supposed to be "The Year That Was" but the date is just so significant that I couldn't let it pass without comment.

This week has seen us go through another down cycle with Sue being diagnosed with diabetes. She also got herself booked into the hospital to have both her knees replaced, which they say will happen within 365 days of lodging the paperwork.

On the craft front, I have managed to finish a few item this week, most of which appeared in blog on Wednesday, started a few more, one of which I also finished. I will show off the finished item on Wednesday.

This week we have also been look around at rental properties. The place we are currently living in has become unsuitable as Sue knees deteriorate because of the steps, so we're currently looking for a place that either has shallower steps or is suitable for installing a ramp.

I think that that is enough rambling for now.


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