Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday 16/03/2011

At the start of the day I thought that this might be the first week for a long while that I didn't finish anything but then I managed to sit down for a little while after my session at the gym and finish the toddlers sunhat that I was making to replace the one I sold last Saturday. Here it is!

I have been working on several other projects this week. I actually have 3 projects in my bag that I take with to doctors, chiro and other appointments. They are:-

A beanie in self stripping wool.
 It's a little bigger than the it was a couple of weeks ago.

A dishcloth in Tunisian Crochet (I saw something like this in someone's blog and thought I would have a go).
 I only started this last friday at crochet class.

A baby's jacket in classic shell stitch.
I managed to get the shell pattern started this week which means that I can continue this with referring to the pattern now.

I also have another bag that goes with me to crochet class and market. It contains the Salvation Army blanket.

I added a couple more rows to the border since last time.

And the project that current resides near my lounge chair.

Rose Clan Hunting Tartan Rug.
I finished weaving all the chains and have started on the border. Hopefully this will be finished by next week, but no promises.

I still need to make a new tea cosy to replace the one sold last Saturday and I'll probably start on that tomorrow. I just need to pick out colours and stitches. I might make this one in shades of pink and purple, just to be different.

That's all that on my hooks at the moment.


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