Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday 30/03/2011

While my hooks have been very busy this week I haven't actually finished any projects. This is kind of a first for me as I usually have 2 or 3 items finished each week. I do have one project that is almost finished.

Woolen Beanie with a loose end to sew in.

My Salvation Army Crest rug is also almost finished, I just need to decide how wide I'm going to make the border.

Almost finished rug.
I think I'll use the second ball of blue that I have available.

I have made some progress on the Rose Clan Dress Tartan rug.

It's on hold while I work on an order that I received on Saturday.

The purple matinee jacket has seen a little progress.

As has the tunisian crochet dishcloth.

The project that is currently holding up progress on everything else is a baby's ensemble.

Pink Baby's jacket completed
Pants have been started
There is also a bonnet to go once I've completed the pants.

When I took the order I forgot to ask what size the lady wanted and when I rang to ask her she asked if I could also make a shawl, so that will be the next project to get priority.

I also sold a small bunny on Saturday and am debating whether to replace it with another small bunny or pick something else out of my vast collection of patterns. The bunnies seem to sell quite well so I might make another and wait until I finish a few other projects before tackling another toy.

I think that's enough projects to have on the go at one time although I still have plenty that I want to make.


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  1. Hi Richard,
    In my last comment I forgot to say how pleased I was that you had won one of Redhearts parcels , well done..
    It looks as if you are busy this week with all your projects :))