Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Week that was 26/03/2011

This has been a very good week! Lots of crochet has been done, plenty of exercise and sold quite a bit today.

I had a bit of excitement this week when a package arrived out of the blue. I hadn't ordered anything so I wasn't expecting anything when the courier pulled up outside our home to deliver a fedex package. It contained this:-

A Red Heart prize pack containing 4 balls of Red Heart Boutique yarn, a pair of knitting needles and a pattern for a beanie and scarf in a nice red carry bag. I have never won anything like this before! I don't know what I will do if I win the major prize of 75 skeins of Super Saver, a bunch of booklets and a years subscription to Crochet Today and Knitting Today, I already have more yarn than I know what to do with.

Sue has now started a gym program so we're now going 4 mornings a week, 2 for Aqua Aerobics and 2 for the gym. If this doesn't get the weight down then I will just have to stop eating. Last night we had a dress-up night as part of a celebration for a horse race (we're salvos so don't gamble, but we had a fun night anyway) and I tried to fit into the suit I wore on my wedding day but found that it was still a couple of sizes too small.

The crochet classes are going OK, we had 3 ladies there yesterday morning. Next week I will be teaching on my own as the guy who currently teaches is having the day off. He is planning on taking a holiday after June so the teaching job will be mine from then on.

Today we went down to Benalla for the "Make, bake it, grow it" market day. We sold $85 worth of goods, $9 better than last month, and got an order for a baby's ensemble which will kick-start next months sales. Among the sales was a small bunny, a bookmark, a large jug cover and several towels. The only items I'm adding to my to-do list are the baby's ensemble and the bunny as I have plenty of towels and bookmarks for the next market.

So, my to-do list looks something like this now:-

Baby's ensemble (jacket, pants and bonnet) in pink - ordered for baby due in a couple of months.
Small bunny - replacement for item sold.
Woolen Beanie - almost finished.
Woolen Scarf - to match beanie (will start once beanie is finished)
Purple Matinee Jacket - about 50% done
Purple Booties - to match matinee jacket (will start when jacket is finished)
Purple Bonnet - to go with booties and jacket (will start when booties are done)
Tricot Dishcloth - 75% done
Rose Clan Dress Tartan Rug - just started
Knitted Beanie and Scarf - I won the kit, I might as well make use of it
A new jumper (sweater for you Americans) for me - I bought a copy of Drew Emborsky's "designs for guys" and found one that I want to make.
Tricot Toddlers Jacket - I bought Ellen Gormley's pattern and an extendable hook to try out a new technique.
Croknit Blanket - I bought a couple of double-ended hooks and want to try another new technique.
Bottle cosies in Salvation Army colours - the bottom has fallen out of the ones we currently use and I want to replace them, besides, some people at church have expressed an interest in these also.
A Set of Australiana Table Runners - I have an idea to do one for each state
A filet crochet doily in 40 cotton - I got the pattern a while ago and still haven't got the yarn for it.
About a million other things that I have patterns or ideas for (maybe that 75 skeins will come in handy after all)

Anybody got anything else they want me to make? I'm sure I'll be able to fit it in sometime around 2015.



  1. That's a formidable list. I will watch in awe.

  2. Oh my goodness your book is almost full, I say almost..
    because I am sure you will add to it LOL.
    Congrats on the take from the market, Its a good feeling to sell the items you make :))
    Keep that hook moving ...:))