Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday 23/03/2011

The hooks have been busy again this week with 2 items completed.

The first completed item is a teapot cosy.

This is another stitch pattern from one of my favourite books. This one is called "Catherine Wheel". I decided not to shape this one just to see how it looked, also, this particular stitch doesn't really lend itself to shaping very well. I think it turned out quite good.

The next item finished was one that had been on my hook for quite some time.

Here is the Rose Clan Hunting Tartan in all its glory. I didn't follow the pattern exactly so it ended up a bit bigger than it would have otherwise and the only place I could lay it flat for the photo was the living room floor.

Still on the hooks are the baby's jacket.

The woolen beanie, which is almost finished..

The dishcloth in tunisian short rows.

And, just started, the Rose Clan Dress Tartan.

This one may actually turn out to be larger than the Hunting Tartan as I didn't actually have a pattern for it and I worked it out from a tie I bought for my wedding. I have 2 of those 400g balls of red and I expect to use most of the yarn in them for this as there is a lot of red in this tartan.

I have also made some progress on the Salvation Army Crest rug but I didn't think it worth taking a photo just to show you the extra 2 rows.

I think my to-do list just got a little larger this week with the unexpected arrival of a package and the purchase of some new tools that I will tell more about on Saturday.



  1. It is hard not starting other projects..
    You have your crochet hands busy and I love the long hook and the pattern of the dishcloth, so different..
    pat in tas :))

  2. That's an interesting work load you have there. Short row Tunisian crochet. Now that is unusual. I like the stitch on your tea cosy too. I just looked up my tartan book. The red will be very nice as well.