Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday 02/03/2011

Another productive week this week with several items finished and a few more started. I'll start with the finished items.

A sunhat with matching booties in pink (not sure where that blue tinge comes from) to replace the ones I sold a few weeks back.

Wine glass socks also to replace the set I sold.

The scarf that I started a few weeks ago from the wool I bought when visiting Bendigo last August.

There has been some progress on the Salvation Army Crest blanket that I have been working on.

I have completed the crest part and started on the border. Since there is no more changes in colour, this shouldn't take long to complete now, and then I can concentrate on other things.

I also started a few new projects (yeah I know, I'm a glutton for punishment).

Two halves of a large turtle.

The start of a beanie.
And the start of a baby's matinée jacket.

All this while planning my next major project which may come from this book.

Or maybe I'll start on those table runners I spoke of last week, but then, I'll probably have both a new jumper (sweater) for me and a table runner in production at the same time, along with all the stuff to replace whatever I sell. I'm a very busy boy.

That's all that is and has been on my hooks this week.


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