Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Week that was 12/03/2011

A pretty average week this week, went to the gym on Monday and Wednesday mornings, had a weigh on Thursday morning (lost 3 kg since last weigh in - woo hoo!), crochet class on Friday morning and markets this morning.

My reward for losing 3 kg is more exercise! That's right, I get to add a couple more tortures to my gym routine. Hardly seems fair, does it?

The ladies that we are teaching at crochet class seem to be doing quite well on their own, although one keeps losing stitches somehow. I guess I'm going to have to figure that out when the other guy goes on holiday. That's right, 2 guys teaching women how to crochet! How unusual is that?

The market this morning went quite well. We sold $50 worth of stock. After paying the stall fee, materials and petrol, I think we made about $5 profit. Don't tell the taxman or he will want his cut.

As a result of this morning's sales I now have 2 more items to add to my to-do list. A todlers sunhat and a tea cosy. I have enough of the other items so I don't need to replace them just yet.

Next week is already looking a bit different. We have a funeral on Monday (they have requested the bands services) and the diabetes people on Monday afternoon.

How was your week this week?


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  1. Hi Richard, I found your blog over at the Nuffnang forum.

    I love that you have 2 guys teaching women to crochet! That's cool.

    Being new to your blog, I'm curious about the band playing at the funeral... I'm putting the clan tartan together with the funeral gig and wondering whether its a pipe band?

    I'll have to look for more clues...