Friday, May 20, 2011

FO Friday 20/05/2011

I have managed to finish a few projects this week, including a couple that were only WIPs a couple of days ago.

First off, a couple of bags.

Bag #4 in pouch
Bag #4 hanging
Bag #5 in pouch
Bag #5 hanging
I ran out of on shade of blue, so I finish #4 in a darker shade. I think #5 is going to be the final size for any other bags I make.

The other item is one I kinda made as a spur of the moment type thing. I had an idea for a reversible teapot cosy and thought I would make it as my entry into a LYS's teapot cosy competition.

Teapot Cosy - Black with white

Teapot Cosy - White with black
I don't know that others will be impressed with this design but I quite like it.

See you tomorrow with my weekly round-up.


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