Friday, May 27, 2011

FO Friday 27/05/2011

I have four finished objects to show you tonight. The first is an item I finished for Sue (that is, she knitted it and I sewed it up).

Child's pink beanie
I don't know why Sue doesn't like finishing her creations.

I now have 6 shopping bags ready for markets tomorrow.

Shopping Bag #6 in pouch

Shopping Bag #6
And a matinĂ©e jacket.

MatinĂ©e Jacket in purple
As well as the robot that I featured on Wednesday.

Blue Robot.
I do hope this one sells as I'm quite looking forward to making more.



  1. I do hope it is not to cold for the Market .. At least the caps etc should sell :))

  2. Hi Robert,

    I've just discovered your blog via The Crochet Way. I mistook your robot for an alien, sorry! :) It's cute!
    It's always nice to see a male knitter/crocheter, but I'm beginning to think that this is actually not so unusual, and the "dark figure" is probably even higher :)

    Greetings from Germany, I'll be stopping by your blog again for sure!