Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WIP Wednesday 11/05/2011

I don't seem to have done as much crochet this week, I think that's because I haven't spent much time in waiting rooms. Ah well, crochet starts back on Friday so maybe some projects will start to move a bit quicker again.

It was quite a dull day today and it started to rain while I was taking photos so I had to move everything under cover so some of the colours aren't quite true to life.

First item this week is fresh off Sue's needles.

Child's Beanie
It's quite colourful, and I hope some child will fall in love with it.

And fresh off my hooks.

Maroon Shopping Bag packed in Pouch

Shopping Bag

Tan Shopping Bag Packed in Pouch

Tan Shopping Bag

Beige Shopping Bag Packed in Pouch

Beige Shopping Bag
I'm still playing around with the design of these and trying something different with each one. One thing I'm a little concerned about is that none of these is big enough (especially across the opening) to take a large box of cereal. They will hold tins, smaller boxes, fruit an veg and all sorts of other things.

The next iteration of tweaking is well under way.

Blue Shopping Bag
While chatting with Ellen and her friends on Thursday I managed to do a bit more crochet-knit.

The underside of panel 1

The top side of panel 1
These panels are turning out a little smaller than I had anticipated so I may have to make tqice as many of them to get a decent size blanket but I quite like the effect.

Today at craft group I managed to finish the 6x6 rib and move onto the 2x2 rib on my beanie.

Knitted Beanie
The last item that I've worked on this week (also at craft group) is the toddlers jacket.

Toddlers Jacket
It doesn't really look much yet but the pattern is starting to show.

As I said earlier, crochet class starts up again on Friday so that will give me a little more crochet time (possibly interrupted by teaching).

Bye for now.


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