Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WIP Wednesday 25/05/2011

My hooks and pointy sticks have been quite busy again this week with 3 items for FO Friday and I'm hoping to get one more finished before Saturday.

Robot in Blue
This is to replace the owl that I sold at the last markets. I'm hoping it will ready for the next which will be this Saturday.

Rose Dress Tartan
Just because I was too lazy to get up and get what I needed for my next project, I did a few more rows on this. I hope to start adding more rows to it once I've caught up with the items I want for the market stall.

Friday crochet class has seen a bit more progress on a couple of blankets.

Tunisian Mitred Squares
Crochetknit Blanket Coloured Side
Crochetknit Blanket Cream Side
 I've actually started doing the squares for this while in bed instead of doing puzzles.

Today it was time for craft group at church and I managed to do a few more rows on the knitted beanie.

Knitted Beanie in Red Heart Boutique
And the toddlers jacket.

Toddlers Jacket in Tunisian Crochet
I also spent a little time in a waiting room working on my scarf.

Two For The Road Scarf
I ended up frogging it back to the start of the first Lacy Grit Stitch section. It still looks a bit narrower than the rest but it now has the correct number of stitches.

That's it for the WIPs. I'll be back on Friday to show off the finished objects.


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