Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kingdom Attitude #1

The reading this morning came from Psalm 32 (although the message was based around Matthew 5:3)

Blessed are the poor in spirit.

We need to be poor in spirit in order to embrace the rest of the beatitudes.

This passage is not about money or about putting yourself down!

To be poor in spirit is to admit our utter bankruptcy and dependence on God.

Most of us won't admit that we can't do something (unless it's something we don't want to do), that we are helpless. Aussies, especially, are hardworking, not helpless in anyway.

The first step toward a kingdom attitude is to admit that we are totally helpless and dependent on God. You are blessed when you are at the end of your rope. Less of you leaves more room for God.

The second step is to humble ourselves. Humility is like underwear, we all wear it but we shouldn't let it show. Pride looks at other people and how much better we are than them, but humility compares ourselves with God and sees our lack.

Joy - Jesus first, yourselves last and others in between.

The third step is to hand over control to God.Blessed are we when we become kingdom people and accept God's will for our lives. This is something we all have trouble with because we want to be in control (or at least think we are).


PS I might be back tomorrow to give my take on all the "end of the world" prophecies that seem to be floating about right now.

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