Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIP Wednesday 18/05/2011

Welcome to another round-up of what's on my hooks and pointy sticks this week. I have decided that I'm not blogging enough and will therefore be introducing an FO Friday post with all my finished objects.

This week I decided I would enter a competition run by my LYS for WWKIP Day. She wants people to make a Teapot Cosy but she has a rule that any yarn used must be bought at her shop. Even though I have plenty of yarn in the cupboard I've never bought any from her shop so I went and bought some wool to make a cosy.

As you can see I'm doing this one in crochetknit (or crochet on the double if you prefer) which will make it reversible. I don't know if this will win the major prize ($50) but I hoping it will get some votes.

I started the teapot cosy because I was getting a little bored with shopping bags.

Shopping Bag #5
I think I've almost perfected the design although #4 (which you will see on Friday) was a little big for its pouch. I'm hoping to have 6 of these ready for the next market, which shouldn't be a problem unless I get sidetracked again.

I have managed to finish a couple more patches for the crochetknit blanket that I'm doing.

And add another square to the tunisian crochet blanket.

But my progress on the "2 For The Road Scarf" is going backwards.

I think I'm going to have to frog this back to the beginning of the first "Lacey Grit Stitch" section (the really narrow bit) as I think I messed up the start of it and this caused me to lose a couple of stiches (hence the narrowness).

That's it for the WIPs. See you on Friday for the FOs.


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