Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another week has finished

There wasn't much excitement this week, haven't finished any projects although I am making progress on the tartan rug. There is still a lot of unpacking and sorting to do, and with each bag or box unpacked I get closer to sorting out the yarn cupboard and the storeroom.

Our explorations this week took us to a nearby Army Base where we found our Credit Union. We closed a couple of accounts and got information about how to make transfers into our joint account.

We then checked out the Bowl in Wodonga. While it is a very nice bowl with synthetic lanes I'm still thinking of joining a league in Albury as the wooden lanes are likely to help keep my average down (which will help when bowling in tournaments) :).

We also found Spotlight and checked out the layout of the shop so that we can find what we need when we need it (not that we need anything in the way of yarn right now). I may need some fine cotton soon as I have a pattern that requires 50 gauge. Might enter it into a show if I ever get a round tuit.

There is a shop in North Albury called K2TOG so we called in there to check it out. The lady that runs it seems quite helpful and pleasant. They have a sit and knit session on a Tuesday afternoon and lessons one day a week (although they will be stopping those shortly because of Christmas). I don't really need any lessons but might drop in for a bit of knitting and a chat sometime.

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  1. I can imagine the joy you had in finding your craft boxes. :)) I am finishing off little Christmas stockings today and maybe a few rows of a rug..