Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Rich Young Ruler

Mark 10:17-31 was the passage used for today's message. My understanding of this passage is that you must value following Jesus Christ above all else in order to get to heaven.

Today was quite a slack day for us, after going to church this morning we sat in front of the TV crocheting. Both my wife and I are working on tartan rugs at the moment (at least until I can figure out where and what to sell). Her's is the Murray of Athol and mine is the Rose Hunting. I do have the yarn for the Rose Dress but I can't find the pattern at the moment. I'm sure it will turn up in one of the many boxes yet to be unpacked.

I have been doing something unusual this last week, bragging about my prize winning crochet. I usually leave the bragging to my wife and others who have been quite willing to do so. I will eventually get around to posting pictures of my current projects (of which there are many) but I still have many completed projects I want to show off first, I just need to find a camera so I can take some pictures.

Some picture can be found at Crochet Cafe. Unfortunately, the page doesn't appear to be available at the moment so I won't give a link just yet.

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