Saturday, October 2, 2010

Exploring the area

Being new to the Albury-Wodonga area, we decided that we would go exploring today. We also heard that there were a couple of markets on today and that one of them may be suitable for selling our craft.

We started on The Causeway, checking out the Farmers' Market. Lots of fresh produce, meat cheese, wine, plants, etc, but no craft.

We then drove up to Beechworth (40km away) and found a lolly shop (one of our weaknesses) and a bakery as well as a few other shops but no markets. There was a sign on the way in that indicated that there would be markets tomorrow but that doesn't suit us as we like to go to church.

On the way back home we called in at Office Works and bought some new desks and Bunnings to pick up a few things that we need, some of which were to replace items that got left behind in the move.

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  1. Hello Richard. Thanks for joining my blog; I look forward to following yours. Re the fact that you are a man who knits, it was once considered too important a craft to trust women to do it. Funny how things change.