Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 0 11.07.2013

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed a decided lack of posts over the last few weeks, but then I did tell everyone what was happening anyway. Over the next 12 weeks I hope to be posting all sorts of news and photos of our trip around the UK and Ireland.

Today's travel involved driving to the Bomaderry Railway Station to catch the first of 3 trains which got us all the way to Rockdale, where we caught a bus to the airport. We have met so many helpful people so far on the trip and we haven't even left the country yet. Station Masters helped us with our luggage at each station we needed to get on/off at, and the bus driver was also most helpful. It can never be said that Sydney public transport doesn't have some very friendly staff.

Currently we're in the Air New Zealand upper class lounge, thinking about having some lunch, waiting for the boarding call. We have quite a spread to select from and it makes you wonder what the ordinary people are having.

That's it for today.


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  1. Looking forward to all those newsy bits and pics... Enjoy :))