Friday, July 12, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 1

After a long but uneventful trip we have arrived in London. The view of the patch work quilt below us was quite picturesque.  We got through security so fast with no questions asked. I felt sure someone would pick us up to check we had scripts for all our medications, but no one stopped us.

Our first day here day here involved lining up to collect the car, me re-learning how to drive a manual (it has been about 15 years), stalling a couple of time, hitting the wipers to indicate a left turn and not being abler to get it into reverse (I eventually figured it out). After all of that we promptly got ourselves lost. It seems that Sue didn't manage to install the new maps on our GPand it was still stuck with Australian maps. After getting directions from some locals we found our way to a library and googled the directions we need and then got lost again (I think I took a wrong turn somewhere).

We gave up looking for the place where we were going to buy the in-car fridge and decided to make for the motel instead and almost got lost again (well, actually, we only missed it the first time we passed it, and, in our defence, it was at the back of a pub and not on the main road). We found that the people in this area don't like marking the road names except at the ends, which can make it a bit difficult to figure out where you are at times.

Sue did take some pictures from the plane but I'm too tired to try and do anything with them right now. Right now, it feels like I've been up for about 40 hours and I'm just about asleep on my feet. I'll try and sort out some pics for tomorrow.



  1. Doesn;t matter if you are overseas or in Aus.. one can still get lost. Loll...Driving must be a night mare... can;t even imagine how hard it must be with all that traffic ,,,,,,, All in all I think it went very well for you both... Thanks for posting :))

  2. Hope you are feeling better after good night sleep - if you are staying in London do an open bus tour - no stress and hop on and off for a reasonable cost.
    Once you get the hang of the English roundabouts you will be laughing - it helps to know the number of the road you want to be on.
    Thanks for posting appreciate knowing where our os family are -