Saturday, July 20, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 8

Today was quite cool and cloudy. While it is nice to have the warm sun shine it was also something of a relief to have a cooler day.

Today we visited the birthplace of Captain James Cook, where we a variety of animals, some wood carvings, a large vase (marking where the house used to be) and a museum. The village where Capt Cook was born is no longer there as all the buildings were knocked down many years ago.

Here are some of today's photos.

A deer

Some Goats

A couple of carved statues

Play Equipment in the shape of a boat

A map show Cook's voyages

Another carved statue

An anchor

The entry to the museum
For those interested, 1°12' is the longitude of Cook's birthplace.

Totem poles

A blurry squirel

The vase marking the position of Cook's home.
The camera has now been recharged, ready for tomorrows adventures.

Tomorrow, after church, we will be headed for Newcastle.


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  1. You are starting to sound like a pom - enjoying the cooler weather! What is the nearest village whee you took these photos? We loved all that coastal area very pretty but didn't go to the muesium - take care and keep enjoying x