Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 5

Today we left Chigwell and headed for Leeds. There are a couple of steam trains running in the Leeds area and we headed to one of them first. On the way we made a pit stop at Peterborough and this was as close to where I was born as I ever been in almost 55 years. We will be going back to that area later in the trip.

We found our way to Embsay and our first steam train for this trip. The following are just a few of the photos we took.

The train started at Embsay Station and took us to Bolton Abbey. We were at the front of the train looking at the engine on the way there but at the back of the train looking at the view on the way back. Sue had a fascination for animals and took lots of photos of sheep. She took a couple of photos of what she thought were cows but when I look at the photos I couldn't see any udders so I suspect they were bulls.

Tomorrow we're going on the Scarborough Express so there should be plenty more photos tomorrow night.


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