Sunday, July 14, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 3

It has been another hot day here in London. The locals seem to be struggling to cope with it but it's no worse than late spring for us.

We still haven't done any sight seeing so the camera hasn't seen any use yet. Most of our time seem to be taken up with trying to find a portable fridge that we can use in the car.

We did get to church this morning, after doing some washing, and kinda surprised people when we pulled into the carpark. The officer saw the sheild on our shirts and figured we were in the right place so all was good.

When we eventually made it back to the motel, I was setting up a fan when I heard a crackle. I didn't think much of it at the time, but when I went to use my laptop I noticed it was running on battery. After trying a few things I figured that the power supply must have given out, so now I'm trying to do my blog entry on my tablet.Some time tomorrow, we will try and see if we can get a replacement, but it's just another expense we didn't really need.

I don't think we will be getting any sight seeing in tomorrow as we will try once more to find the place in Hampton to pick up the portable fridge that Sue sourced from home, as well as trying to source a replacement power pack. Sight seeing in London will have to wait until we get back here for the last couple of days of our holiday.

That's it for day 3.



  1. Hope day 4 is good for you two - at least you can compare English shops to our shops. Hopefully now you have your GPS it will be easier for you and you get to do some sight seeing x

  2. Sorry things are taking a little longer to work out for you.. I think it is marvelous the way you are driving every where.. Thats got to be a bonus :)) Hope you are able to find that darn fridge ..:))
    regards Pat ..