Sunday, July 28, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 17

Well, today was a bit of a mixed bag. We started by heading over to Kilravock Castle but there was no one there. I did get to take a couple of photos of the building and grounds but it wasn't particularly impressive. I have to admit that Sue's castle was more impressive.

After lunch we headed down the loch to Fort Augustus. While we will be going that way in the morning we won't have time for sight seeing as we need to get from Inverness to Fort William by 10:00am. Loch Ness is quite an impressive expanse of water.

Here are some of the photos we took today.

It seems they might be Christians in this neck of the woods

Kilravock Castle
It is quite a bit smaller than Blair Castle but it does have a Keep, something that Blair Castle doesn't.

Another Angle

The Arboretum

Rose Hall

Someone has been doing a bit of gardening in one
of the roundabouts on the way into Inverness

Loch Ness

A couple of swans on the Loch

More of the Loch
There was more to see but we had trouble finding places to pull over to take the shots.

Tomorrow we have a train to catch in Fort William and that's also where we will stay the night.


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  1. Looks really lovely. I have just worked out..( I think) how to leave comments.

    I have come up with rather a neat plan I think.
    I will tell Dave that after seeing all your photos of Scotland & England, that I think I would like an overseas trip afterall... After he gets over the shock of that... I will then tell him, that I would settle for 3 weeks in Tasmania... I think I therefore would have a pretty good chance of getting to Tassie again, as a compromise!!..hehehe