Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 12

Today we traveled from Newcastle to Carlisle via Alston, but before we left Newcastle we decided to check out the Angel of the North.

Details of the Angel construction

The Angel of the North
At Alston we boarded another steam train. This is a narrow gauge (24") railway that used to be normal gauge but was narrowed because it cost less to maintain.

The start of our train journey

The train coming into the station

The engine is Thomas Edmondson

Leaving the station

Our first stop

One of three bridges we passed under

End of the line

Looking into the engine from the carriage

The local swimming hole

Looking down river
It was a bit of a rough ride but that was kinda expected on this type of train.

Getting into the motel at Carlisle was a bit of an exercise. We had to drive almost into Scotland before turning around and coming back to it. It seems that when that changed the road from a standard dual carriageway to a motorway they kinda forgot about the motel and don't provide access for north bound travelers.

Shortly after we arrived the heavens opened and it rained quite heavily so we settled down to watch proceedings at the Lindo Wing before heading into town to get ourselves some dinner.

Tomorrow, I think Sue had another train lined up, although I'm not sure she will want to go if it's wet.


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