Monday, July 15, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 4

Today started off in the usual fashion, down to Leytonstone for Macdonalds (it's the only one we know how to get to easily). When we got there Sue noticed that there was a computer store across the road so I thought I might be able to sort out my computer problems quite quickly. Unfortunately, the store wasn't expected to open until 10:30 and we had other places we wanted to see.

After plugging the address we were looking for on Friday into the GPS, we trundled off to the other side of London where we managed to purchase the fridge of the type we wanted that they had in stock. Apparently they had hidden it away just for us. They also gave me the postcode of a computer store near by (postcodes are all you need for the GPS over here) so we plugged that into the GPS and headed off to Kingston. The computer store was able to help me out so, after testing that it was in fact the power supply that was faulty, a new unit was purchased and now the battery in happily being charged up after almost running flat.

After lunch we headed over to the railway station so that we could head into the city (I may be game enough to drive around the outer suburbs but I wasn't going to try going into the city) and here are some of the photos we took.

The car we're getting around in
Sue wanted to show everyone the car we're driving.

Some for Kelly
As soon as Sue saw this come up she had to get a photo.

The Station at the start of our first sight seeing trip
We had to start somewhere.

The Facade of Waterloo Station
We walked from the station to the Eye and I saw this view as I round the corner and just had to get a photo, then I saw something else.

A Plastic Cow Outside a Restaurant.

The London Eye

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

White Hall Court

Ministry of Defence and the Royal Airforce Memorial

Sue and I sitting in one of the pods

The view on the way up
The only building you may have heard of in this shot are the Old Vic Theatre, which is just the other side of Waterloo Station.

Another View as we were going up
At the bottom left is Royal Festival Hall and in the background is St Paul's Cathedral.

Getting close to the top now
The map I have doesn't tell me the name of the bridge closest to us but the other is Waterloo Bridge.

Part of the view from the top

More of the view from the top

More of the view from the top

I think you get the idea

Another angle
After picking up some souvenirs we decided to catch a cab back to the station. Rather extravagant seeing as how the station was within walking distance but we had had enough of walking at this stage and wanted to add "rode in a London cab" to our list anyway.

After all this we then had to wait about an hour to catch a train back to Kingston Station. It seems the summer heat was playing havoc with the train schedules and the staff had to go into damage control mode to try get things sorted. Several trains had to be cancelled because they couldn't get the trains or the staff to run to the station and others had to be delayed. One track was closed because of buckling rails and another because a cable had burnt out.

We finally got back to our lodgings at about 8:00 and headed down to the pub for a meal.

All in all it has been a very eventful few days here in London, but tomorrow morning we will be packing everything into the car and heading for Leeds.



  1. So pleased you were able to get the items needed for the pc.. and the fridge...:))
    Pics are great, keep them coming.. Enjoying your blog :))
    regards pat :))

  2. Glad to see some sight seeing being done - gee must be nice and warm there for the train tracks to buckle enjoy your drive tomorrow - embrace roundabouts and happy birthday Sue hope you have a great day!