Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby's Clothes

I always seem to have some item of baby's clothing in my bag of  WIPs, even though I have never had children of my own. They generally sell quite well, although I didn't sell any at my last couple of markets. Maybe as we get through summer and the weather starts to cool again.

For some reason, the picture above came out looking very white so I enhanced the colour a little to show its true colour. These first two are a new pattern to me.

This is one I've done many times. although I have had to modify the sleeves a bit due to them being a bit tight around the cuffs and a bit short.

The jacket above is from the same pattern as the first couple, but without the pants and bonnet and without the fancy edging.

This is another one of my wife's creations, knitted from the top down in one piece.

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