Sunday, November 14, 2010

Living Memorials

This weekend has been quite enjoyable, learning about the history of the Albury Corps, playing in a large band again and learning more about God.

Today's meeting was the culmination of the 125th anniversary celebrations and while you could understand why some of the things that were written in the corps history book were there, some was a little odd. They even recorded the day that a door was installed on the men's toilet. Why this should rate a mention is beyond me.

Today's message was based around Joshua 4:1-9 and 19-24, where the Israelites were called to collect stones from the middle of the Jordan River (which God had dried up so they could cross) and piling them together as a memorial for future generations.

We were told how only 2 of the adults that walked through the Red Sea actually entered the promised land because God wouldn't allow the others to enter on account of their disobedience.

The Jordan wasn't stopped until the priest carrying the ark stepped into it. This shows us that God expects us to move forward in faith before He opens the way. He still wants to do great things among us but we need to show that we have faith to trust Him.

If you have giants in your life (impossibilities that you can't see a way around), remember David when he faced Goliath and do likewise. Trust in God and He will bring you victory.

Sitting in church doesn't make you a Christian any more than sitting in a hen-house makes you a chook! God calls for us to be living stones, a memorial for others as a sign of what can be achieved if you have faith.

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