Sunday, November 21, 2010

Battle Ready Soldiers

We had a group of people from all over the division here for a weekend Boot Camp, starting on Friday and finishing with this morning's service. The idea of Boot Camp is to teach interested people about The Salvation Army and help prepare them for soldiership. Of course, not everyone that completes the course signs up to go into uniform. I've been a soldier now for 14 years so my only participation in this event was this morning's meeting.

The scripture for today's message came from 1 Samuel 17, where David slew Goliath.

Some notes from today's message follow:-

God made The Salvation Army to be a fighting force not a club.

Saul was the peoples king, God chose David.

Saul led an army that was afraid of its opposition, they had little faith. David faced the enemy with faith.

Goliath was a giant in the army, David was a soldier with a giant faith.

As we grow as soldiers, our faith increases and we can take on bigger opponents in God's strength.

Do as David did, don't focus on the ground, don't focus on the size of the enemy, focus on God and what He can do.

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