Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Oi, what about me?"

Today we join with the members of our church for a prayer breakfast before the meeting. Bacon and eggs, toast and jam, juice, the works, it was lovely.

The message for today was based around Matthew 26:36-39 where Jesus prays that the cup be taken from him, "but not my will but your will."

The Lt started with examples of a baby dying a few days after being born in spite of all the prayers of an entire church and someone being cured of cancer. These examples raise a few questions. Among them "Why does God appear to show up for some but not for others?" and Why does He heal some but not others?".

Following are some of the notes I took during the message:-

Only God knows the answer to these questions and He is in control.

Even God's own son, who had a personal relationship with Him, still prayed "your will be done, not mine".

The psalmist who  wrote Psalm 13 also asked similar question of God.

God can handle your feelings, be honest with him.

Prayer is not just about asking God for what we want, we also need to listen.

Prayer is about tapping into divine energy.

Of all the questions that you ask during time of trouble, there is one really important one, "Is God's strength sufficient for me to get through this?". If you can answer "YES!" to that, then everything will work out.

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