Saturday, November 13, 2010

The week that was #4

Another busy week has come to a close, and today was the busiest of all.

I'm still working through the stash, frogging anything that doesn't look likely to be completed (mainly some of my wife's projects that seem to have been separated from their pattern and yarn, some even from their needles). I still have a couple of bags to go through as well as a few other containers.

I have also made some progress on the order that I've been working on and should have it complete by the end of next week.

Sue and I managed to get to band practice on Thursday night and weren't the only ones there, so we did actually practice. For those that are interested, Sue plays clarinet and I play trombone.

I got some extra practice on Friday afternoon with the arrival of the Territorial Mobile Mission. They are here to help celebrate the 125th anniversary of The Salvation Army in Albury.

Today we and the mobile mission had an outreach at Bunnings. Due to the wet weather they allowed us to play inside.

This evening we were entertained with a concert by the Mobile mission. A few old songs, a few new ones, a bit of fun with the timbrels, etc. We finished the night  with supper which was, in true Salvation Army tradition, over catered. There will be plenty of food left over for morning tea tomorrow.

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