Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jug and Glass Covers

This is one item that everyone tells me that they can't usually find. Well, guess what, they never visited my stall before because this is one item that I started selling the first day I set up.

I started doing these after my wife's girlfriend gave me a couple of pattern books and a bag of beads. I've since had to buy more beads as I've run out a couple of times.

I have large jug covers ...

... medium size jug covers ...

... and small jug covers (suitable for covering a glass).

I started making the small covers after a lady from North Queensland told me a story about the little green frogs that come hopping through the house at night, and if you have an uncovered glass of water by the bed at night and take a drink, you might end up swallowing a little more than you anticipated.

1 comment:

  1. Cute story. rather the frog than a tarantula...LOL
    Excellent crochet, I have been making jug covers for years, and the one everyone seems to love is the cup and saucer pattern. Very easy to make .. Thanks for the reply also to my ???s
    Maybe try stopping by some blogs and leaving a comment will help..:))