Saturday, November 6, 2010

The week that was #3

It has been a rather busy week this week, sorting out the yarn cupboard, making up hanging towels to sell at market, trying to get started on an order, having a fight with Australia Post because their contractor doesn't seem to like knocking on doors.

The yarn cupboard is almost sorted now but there seems to be a minor problem with the wire baskets we are using.

We don't seem to have enough of them. The yarn on the left is all 8 ply with the tub on the shelf above being for all that doesn't fit in the wire baskets. I think I might bring in some smaller tubs and put them in the space to the right where those bags currently are.

There is also a bag containing 4 ply cotton sitting on that shelf because it won't fit in the baskets designated for it. Guess I'm going to have to get busy and use some of this to make some room.

The other bag contains yarn that has been put aside for making rugs. I have no idea what sort of state it's going to be by the time Sue or I get around to using it. I have already had to throw out some yarn that seems to have been eaten by something.

During the week we found out about a market in Beechworth that was happening today so we got up early this morning (5:30am) and headed on out.

That's Sue sitting there smiling nicely for the camera.

We had quite a good day in spite of being right up the hill near the edge of the market. I will definitely be going back.

As a result of today's effort I have changed my crafting priorities. My priorities are as follows :-

     4 doilies - order for neighbour worth $80
     Hanging towels - sold most of my stock today
     Tea cosies - I have 2 naked tea pots and plan on making a few extras
     Sue's arm rest covers - got to keep the wife happy
     Salvo blanket for next year's show - I only seem to work on this while at a market or craft group
     A teddy bear - another item for markets that seems to have been neglected lately
     Baby clothes - usually a good seller but not today. Maybe when the weather starts to cool down again
     Beanies and scarves - I would like to have a few more of these ready for next autumn

There are plenty of other projects that I could also add to this list but I think that's already more than enough to keep me going for the next few months.

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