Saturday, November 20, 2010

The week that was #5

I seem to be getting forgetful lately. This is the second time this week that I forgot to blog before going to bed.

This week we had the launching of the Kmart Christmas Tree. Several of the Mobile Mission members stayed around for that and helped form a band, and we had some kids from one of the local schools singing along. It seems so early for singing carols but the shoppers seemed to enjoy it.

I managed to finish the 4 doilies I was making for a neighbour, just need to get the ironing board out so that I can press them. I have now started on the hanging towels for the next market day.

I am also very close to finishing sorting out the yarn stash. I have a various bits and pieces in various containers that I need to round up.

My to-do list now looks like this:-

Hanging towels - may have to get some more cotton as I'm running out a certain colours but will try to us what I have available.
Tea cosies - This should use up a bit of the stash.
Beanies and scarves - someone suggested doing them in footy team colours, hope I have enough of the right colours.
Baby clothes - usually a good seller
Teddy bear - current UFO

There are also a couple of my wife's UFO that I might try to find the yarn for and finish since she seems to like starting things and not finishing them.

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