Sunday, August 4, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 24

Today we crossed the border into the Republic of Ireland. There was nothing really to mark the transition, no big sign, no border patrol, just a slight change in the road (it was a bit narrower) and a change in the speed limit (from 60mph to 80kph), and now we have Euros in our wallets for the next leg of the journey.

The scenery also changed a bit and we managed to take a few photos. Here are some of them.

They seem to like putting sculptures in the middle of roundabouts here.

Here's another one.

Approaching a valley near the Blue Stack Mountains
The map I'm using for reference doesn't show the name of the valley we went through so I may have to look that up later.

Mountains to the left of us

Mountains to the right of us

Going through the valley

Us at Donegal Castle
As we came into Donegal we saw the signs to the castle and figured we would give the GPS something to think about and stopped for a visit.

The Church of Ireland
As we came out of the castle the church bells were ringing a call to worship so we decided to answer the call. It was a good service about how our choices can affect how God's control works. The story was based on the story of Jacob and Esau.

A little restaurant next to the church.
This is where we had lunch.

Another roundabout sculpture

We passed a dam

More mountains to see as we approached Sligo
As we approached Cliffony we saw a castle on a hill and decided to investigate. We wound up in a little place called Mullaghmore.

The view from one side of Mullaghmore

Quite rocky on this side

Looking up towards Killybegs

The castle that drew our attention

A nearby bay

After dinner Sue decided she wanted to take more photos so we found a little harbour nearby.

Those last two shots were taken at about 8:50pm and it was still quite bright out.

We're actually staying at a B&B just north of Grange which is a few miles north of Sligo. Tomorrow we will go and do a little exploring, apparently there are some spectacular sights up in the mountains to the east of us. After a little mountain trek we will head for Galway, which is our next stop on our whirlwind tour of the isles.


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