Monday, August 19, 2013

Holiday Diary - Day 39

Today we drove from Bangor to Oswestry via Holyhead and Llanberis. We had plenty of time and wanted to see a few things.

Here are some of today's photos.

The Menai Bridge, linking Bangor with Anglesea

Britannia Bridge

Menai Bridge

We stopped in to get a photo of the longest town name in the world

If you want to know how to pronounce it the sign at the railway station tells you

If you want to know what it means there's another sign for that

One of the many rivers we crossed on our way to Oswestry

Looks like we may have had a better view from the top of Mt Snowdon today

Llyn Padarn from the other side

A narrow gauge train runs along the side of Llyn Padarn
 The next few photos are a series I took looking up towards where the train up Mt Snowdon runs.

The River Dee at Llangollen

It's a little less turbulent on this side of the bridge

Llangollen Railway Station (another steam train we thought about riding)

Crossing back into England for one night
We had a small problem when we got to the Travelodge at Oswestry, they had us booked into a standard room instead of a disabled room. Their disabled room was out of commission anyway due to upgrades that started 2 weeks ago, so they rang around and ended up getting us into the Premier Inn on the other side of the roundabout. It's more expensive but at least they have an appropriate room.

Tomorrow we head back into Wales, stopping at Aberystwyth for a couple of nights.


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